Affection Killer Flash (アフェクション キラー フラッシュ Afekushon kirā furasshu?) is one of Cure Affection's sub-attacks. It first appear in Episode 7, and she needs the Holy Sword to do it.


Cure Affection grips her sword, and the blade flashes. Several streaks of sight emerge from it, they surround the target, and forms identical copies of the Holy Sword (only made up of light and thus are pink, and shines). She stands straight in front of the target, and raises the sword, pointing the tip at the target, and the light-swords speed towards the target, and explode on impact.



Cure Affection: アフェクション キラー フラッシュ!


Cure Affection: Afekushon kirā furasshu!


Cure Affection: Affection Killer Flash

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