Alice Blue Shower (アリスブルーシャワー Arisu Burū Shawā?) is Cure Wiki's first finisher. In order to use this attack, she needs the LovePreBrace.



Cure Wiki: 羽の光を聖なる力に、ラブプリブレス!
Cure Wiki: プリキュア!アリスブルーシャワー!
Cure Wiki: 羽よ、天に帰れ!


Cure Wiki: Hane no hikari o seinaru chikara ni, rabupuriburesu!
Cure Wiki: Purikyua! Arisu Burū Shawā!
Cure Wiki: Hane yo, ten ni kaere!


Cure Wiki: Light of the silver feathers, turn into holy powers, LovePreBrace!
Cure Wiki: Pretty Cure! Alice Blue Shower!
Cure Wiki: Feathers, return to heaven!


  • The name of the attack is a pun to Cure Wiki's civilian name.

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