Bluebottle Lucky Shoot (ブルーボッタル ラッキー シュート Burūbottaru Rakkī Shūto?) is Cure Bluebottle's first finisher, which she uses the first time she transforms, in episode 6. She needs her LovePreBrace to do it.





Cure Bluebottle: 運の光を聖なる力へ、ラブプリブレス!
Cure Bluebottle: ブルーボッタル ラッキー シュート!
Cure Bluebottle: 運よ、天に帰れ!


Cure Bluebottle: Un no hikari o seinaru chikara ni, RabuPuriBuresu!
Cure Bluebottle: Purikyua Burūbottaru Rakkī Shūto!
Cure Bluebottle: Un yo, ten ni kaere!


Cure Bluebottle: Light of luck, turn into holy powers, LovePreBrace!
Cure Bluebottle: Pretty Cure Bluebottle Lucky Shoot!
Cure Bluebottle: Luck, return to the heavens!

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