Boomin' Affection Strike (ブーミン アフェクション ストライク Būmin Afekushon Sutoraiku?) is Cure Affection's first finisher, which she uses the first time she appears in the series, in episode 7. She needs the Holy Sword to do it.





Cure Affection: 上記の神々からの判決によって、聖なる力に、ホーリー ソード!
Cure Affection: プリキュアブーミン アフェクション ストライク!
Cure Affection: 悪臭生き物、仰せられた!


Cure Affection: Jōki no kamigami kara no hanketsu ni yotte, seinaru chikara ni, Hōrī Sōdo!
Cure Affection: Purikyua Būmin Afekushon Sutoraiku!
Cure Affection: Akushū ikimono, ōse rareta!


Cure Affection: By decree from the gods above, become the holy force, Holy Sword!
Cure Affection: Pretty Cure Boomin' Affection Strike!
Cure Affection: Foul creatures, begone!

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