Eagle Heart Pretty Cure-1

Cures Glistener, Patriot and Crystal with Cutesy

Eagle Heart Pretty Cure is an American group of Pretty Cures who represent the 50 United States of America.

Individual members

Member 1

Name: Annette Spangleheart
Hometown: Seattle, Washington
Mascot: Cutesy
Pretty Cure form: Cure Patriot
Theme: Love and loyalty
Signature attack: Sweetheart Comet Storm
Form changes: Cake Slice Jive and Orange Disco
Image song: Seattle, My Home

Member 2

Name: Betty O'Donald
Hometown: Manhattan, New York
Pretty Cure form: Cure Crystal
Theme: Freedom and serenity
Signature attack: Twinkle Snow Avalanche
Form changes: Pomegranate Jazz and Mint Jitterbug
Image song: Carry On, New York City

Member 3

Name: Christie Wonderfellow
Hometown: Los Angeles, California
Pretty Cure form: Cure Glistener
Theme: Hope and justice
Signature attack: Shooting Star Spinner
Form changes: Melon Jig and Soda Techno
Image song: Hold Me, California

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