Emilie Kirschbaum is a main character of United Pretty Cure!. Emilie is a young girl attending the Lumière Academy in France. Emily is pretty outgoing and cheerful. She usually tries to make others smile.

Her alter ego is Cure Cherry (キュアチェリー Kyua Cherī?) and is represented by flowers, while having the power of blooming.



Emily is an outgoing young girl, who loves to spend her time in nature. She is interested in other countries and dreams of traveling around the world, just to see the nature of the world. She is a happy person, who likes to make people smile and always wants to make people smile. She is usually described to be cheerful and is usually called "Kirsche", which means "Cherry" in German. Her favorite plant is the Japanese Sakura tree. Her biggest dream is to become a florist in France once she grows up.


  • Cerys Jones - Cerys is Emilie's room mate and first friend she made when starting to attend the Lumiére Academy. Emilie usually calls Cerys "Rissi".

Cure Cherry

Die Blüte, gefüllt mit Leben, fliegt über den Ozean! Cure Cherry!

The blossom filled with life, flying over the ocean! Cure Cherry!

Jinsei de ippai no hana, taikai ueno tobimasu! Kyua Cherī!

Cure Cherry is Emilie's Pretty Cure alter ego. Cure Cherry is represented by flowers and she has the power of blooming and blossoms. Cure Cherry is the third Pretty Cure of her team to transform and her theme color is redish pink. In order to use attacks, Cure Cherry uses the KiruMagic Wand.


Gâteau Balloon

Gâteau Balloon (ガトー・バルーン Gatō barūn?) is the form change Cure Cherry can take. In this form, her theme color changed to white, brown and pinkish red. This form change is based on the Schwarzwälder Kirschtorte, coming from Germany.


  • Lufballon Rising - Gâteau's basic attack, which she uses to paralize the attacking minions.


"Start Changing! Pretty Cure Seven Star Supernova!" - Start Changing! Pretty Cure Seven Star Supernova! is the official transformation speech used by Emilie Kirschbaum in United Pretty Cure!.


Kirschbaum - Kirschbaum is a German surname. The word literally means "cherry tree", if translated into English. So, Kirschbaum is an obvious reference to her Pretty Cure alter ego, which is named "Cure Cherry".

Emilie - Emilie is a Danish, German, Norwegian, and Swedish form of the female name Emily and Emilia.[1] Emily comes from the Roman feminine name Aemilia. The Latin name Aemilia in turn may derive from the Latin word aemulus, meaning "rival".[2]



  • "Kirschbaum. Natürlich, ich bin Cure Cherry!!" (eng. Kirschbaum. Of course, I am Cure Cherry!!, jap. キルシュバウム。もちろん、私はキュアチェリー!!) - Cure Cherry right before saying her intro speech for the first time


  • Cure Cherry's form change, Gâteau Balloon, is based on the song 99 Luftballons (99 Balloons), a song of the German singer Nena.