Fantastischer Sternenglanz (ファンタスティシャーステルネングランツ Fantasutishā Suterunen Gurantsu?, translated to Fantastic Starshine) is Cure Panther's first main finisher that is first seen in the beginning of Episode 1. She uses it again in Episode 3 to help Cure Raute and Cure Rechen. To use it, she needs her LovePreBrace.



Cure Panther: 星の光を聖なる力に、ラブプリブレス!
Cure Panther: プリキュア!ファンタスティシャーステルネングランツ!
Cure Panther: 星、天に帰れ!


Cure Panther: Hoshi no hikari o seinaru chikara ni, rabupuriburesu!
Cure Panther: Purikyua! Fantasutishā Suterunen Gurantsu!
Cure Panther: Hoshi, ten ni kaere!


Cure Panther: Light of stars, turn into holy powers, LovePreBrace!
Cure Panther: Pretty Cure! Fantastic Starshine!
Cure Panther: Stars, return to heaven!


Cure Panther: Licht der Sterne, werde zu heiliger Macht, LovePreBrace!
Cure Panther: Pretty Cure! Fantastischer Sternenglanz!
Cure Panther: Sterne, kehrt zurück in den Himmel!