Graceful Tune (グレースフル チューン Gurēsufuru Chūn?) is Chocolate Classical's first main attack. She uses the Divine Violin. It is mostly used immediately after Cure Twinflower has transformed into Chocolate Classical.


Chocolate Classical picks the E string once, then the A string twice, and the other two once as well. With each note, a different coloured sound wave emits from the violin. She plays all of the strings using the bow once, and that sends out a rainbow coloured sound wave. She continues to play the violin, and in the tracks of the sound wave, small purple notes appear. The notes then start to swirl around her, making her stand in the eye of a tornado. The tornado expands rapidly, and sends all nearby Choiarks flying away.



Dalecarlian: カワルンルン!
Nora: プリキュア くるりんミラー チェンジ!
Nora: チョックロト クラシカル!
Chocolate Classical:プリキュア グレースフル ステップ


Dalecarlian: Kawarurnrun!
Nora: Purikyua Kururin Mirror Chenji!
Nora: Chokuroto Kurashikkaru!
Chocolate Classical: Purikyua, Gurēsufuru Chūn!


Dalecarlian: Time to change!
Nora: Rollin' Mirror Change!
Nora: Chocolate Classical!
Chocolate Classical: Pretty Cure, Graceful Tune!

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