Sooting Happiness (スージング ハピネス Sūjingu Hapinesu?) is Cream Chime's main attack. She uses her LovePreBrace. It is mostly used immediately after Cure Valley has transformed into Cream Chime.




Dalecarlian: カワルンルン!
Sara: プリキュア くるりんミラー チェンジ!
Sara: クリーム チャイム!
Cream Chime:プリキュア スージング ハピネス!


Dalecarlian: Kawarurnrun!
Sara: Purikyua Kururin Mirror Chenji!
Sara: Kurīmu Chaimu!
Cream Chime: Purikyua, Sūjingu Hapinesu!


Dalecarlian: Time to change!
Sara: Rollin' Mirror Change!
Sara: Cream Chime!
Cream Chime: Pretty Cure, Soothing Happiness!

Form Change Attacks - Main Cures
Graceful Step | Dreamin' Angel | Graceful Tune | Angel's voice | Soothing Happiness | Hairpin Bang | Feather Touch

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